Cougar Paw Cover

Protect your paws with our new Cougar Cover. It slides on and off in seconds. The flexible material gives a snug fit without losing its shape. The Cover is great for walking around job sites or in customer’s homes. Available for use with limited size Cougar Paws currently. U.S. Patent Pending. “THE COVER IS FOR USE ON THE GROUND "ONLY, NOT FOR USE ON LADDERS, SCAFFOLDING OR ROOFS. Do not use the Cougar Cover on any elevated, uneven or non-level surface, such as ladders, roofs or scaffolding. Use of the Cougar Cover on any surface other than a level ground level surface can create a slipping hazard, which can result in serious personal injury or death. Size Med Fits 7 - 9 Suze Large Fits 9-1/2 - 11
Cougar Paw
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